I am a graphic designer/illustrator with over 15 years experience. My work has been seen all over the world in print, and now I’m lurking here over the interwebs. I also have taken an interest in video production, and you can see all these things right here at!

Despite coming from a long line of successful and talented artists, I spent most of my childhood locked in my room drawing. Granted, it’s all I was allowed to do, as I was grounded most of my early years, but it not only helped me develop my skills, but gave me a great passion for art as well! I studied art all through my school career, and enrolled in a commercial art vocational school my senior year in high school. It was there I was convinced that art was how I wanted to make my bread and butter.

I continued to take art classes at Brookdale Community College where I learned more traditional art techniques before enrolling at Brick Computer Science Institute where I got a degree in graphic art and design. I finished at the top of my class with a 4.0 GPA. Shortly after I graduated, I worked as a designer for Hampton Forge where I designed flat and tableware as well as pictorial guides for developing these designs over seas. I did freelance for several years thereafter for numerous clients (which is a fancy way of saying nobody would hire me full time), before working at the Salvation Army’s USA Eastern Territorial Headquarters in New York. Since then, I’ve designed and illustrated hundreds of posters, brochures, logos, campaign themes, books, magazines, clothing, comics, web graphics, and just about everything else that appears in print. I currently reside in New Jersey with my beautiful, fanboy loving wife Niki, and our cat Destiny.

Along with that, I’ve continued to do freelance work for many other great people and companies. I come highly recommended, but don’t take my word for it!

Dave Hulteen, Jr. is one of the most talented people I’ve ever worked with. As a creative professional, Dave knows how to push the envelope and think up solutions that not only surprise and delight, but work perfectly within the project requirements. Dave enjoys breaking new grounds in design and new media. He is savvy in business, skillful in client relations, and diligent in applying what he learns. His positive attitude, humility and strong work ethic is refreshing in a ego-driven field such as graphic design. I have no doubt that Dave will succeed in whatever projects he chooses to engage in and excel as he continues to take his career up another notch.
— Lily C. Chen, President & Creative Director, Trinity Creatives, LLC

Dave Hulteen, Jr. is the most talented graphic artist I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. In my experience with Dave as his colleague, friend, business partner, and most of all, fan, he has always done everything asked of him (and much, much more) in a timely, efficient manner that yields the most beautiful, creative results of anyone I’ve seen. He works hard and truly adores what he does and it shows in each and every piece he creates. Dave is someone I would truly call an artist; creative enough to imagine and bring to life his own ideas, and talented enough to perfectly visualize and create a submission piece for someone else. Anytime that I need a piece of artwork done, I turn to Dave. His art represents a perfect storm of dedication and passion that shows in everything he does. Whether he’s drawing his famous “Anime Kermit” or compiling hundreds of his favorite things into an astounding and breathtaking photo-collage, Dave Hulteen, Jr. always shines through.
— Ryan Dosier, The Muppet Mindset

Without exaggerating, Dave has to be the most talented artist I have ever met. His creativity always amazes me. From his drawings to his videos… I am always grinning ear to ear when I see something he has created. He is funny, patient and all around a terrific guy. I plan on using him to create a video for my business and look forward to seeing his vision for it! Always keeping it fresh… I adore this guy!
— Stephanie Morris, Owner, Geezees Custom Canvas Art

Dave Hulteen’s art has the perfect mix of his own unique style with a deep respect for his influences and subjects. His high level of professionalism, fast turnaround, and dedication that he devotes to even the smallest project makes him one of the most reliable and talented artists we’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. We are proud and honored to have Dave Hulteen on our team.
Plus, he draws Muppets real good.
— Joe Hennes & Ryan Roe, Tough Pigs

Dave Hulteen is absolutely one of the most talented, outgoing, and easy to work with people I’ve ever had the pleasure of collaborating with. His artistic creations never cease to impress, surprise, and delight. He has done several pieces for, including the “Contact” Muppet Whatnot-style character and the 2009 Christmas banner featuring Jim Henson as Santa Claus. In both cases Dave took my ideas – which were a little vague at times – and came back with beautiful pieces. He is a true professional, and one of the most valueable assets in the ongoing efforts of The MuppetCast.
— Steve Swanson, The MuppetCast Podcast

Dave Hulteen was a pleasure to work with from the beginning. As you can imagine working with four creative minds in four different geographical locations, there are several revisions and minor annoying changes that have to constantly be tweaked in order to attempt a consistent agreement among board members. There was never a time while in the process of working with Dave, where we felt like a burden or a bother to him. Every time we asked for a simple change, he would accommodate and in addition go that extra mile and send us two or three samples that he thought would look good as well. All the while chiseling away at all the possibilities. Dave is an exceptional designer, and I would recommend his services to anyone in need of a creative, cooperative, and ambitious personality to work along
— Erik Gotrich, T.R.A.I.L. Ministries

Dave was extremely professional and timely with our logo creation. Not only did he create stellar designs, he was fantastically efficient and accommodating as we gave feedback to perfect our design. He truly acted as part of our team and will be an asset to others utilizing his talent in the future.
— McLain Jones, T.R.A.I.L. Ministries